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Stormpost Photo Collection

Here you will find a sampling of my photos depicting the scenery of Southeast Labrador Coast, Labrador Straits, and Quebec Lower North Shore. I've also included some guest photo shots.

Just select an area from the list below to view the photos. You can click on any photo to obtain an enlargement.

Quebec Lower North Shore

· St. Augustine River
· St. Paul's River
· Brador
· Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon
· Blanc-Sablon

· L'Anse au Clair
· Forteau
· Point Amour
· L'Anse au Loup
· Capstan Island
· West St. Modeste
· Pinware
· Pinware River
· Red Bay
Southeast Labrador Coast

· Lodge Bay
· Mary's Harbour
· Port Hope Simpson
· Charlottetown

Guest Photos

Various photos by Robert Smith
Several photos from around the area, by Robert Smith of Photography Rob.

La Tabatiere, Quebec
Photos from the La Tabatiere area of Quebec, submitted by Karen Gallichon.

Ice and Snow Storm
Photos of a May freezing rain and snow storm, Victoria Day long weekend, 2007.

Trans Labrador Highway
Jamie Pye provided some photos of snowclearing operations on the Trans Labrador Highway, to the north of the Red Bay Depot. Taken on 02-April-2004.

Photos from after the February 2004 blizzard, submitted by Priscilla Dumas.

Southeastern Labrador
A variety of photos from north of Red Bay to Cartwright. Provided by Ewart Linstead.

Trans Labrador Highway.
Scenes along the Trans Labrador Highway between Red Bay and Lodge Bay. Provided by Lyle Smith.

Charlottetown after the 2004 blizzard.
Thanks to Lorenda Campbell for submitting these photos.

Crow Head area of Forteau Bay.
from Mike Belben.

Crow Head and rock cut between Forteau and L'Anse au Clair.
Submitted by Natalie Normore after Feb 2004 blizzard.

Snowy scenes from Blanc-Sablon.
Submitted by David Bolger after the big blizzard.

Snow piled high in Mary's Harbour
Provided by Israel and Susie Penney.

St. Lewis Snowfall
Scenes from St. Lewis taken by Carl Bradley after the Feb 26-28, 2004 blizzard.

Capstan Island snowslide
Capstan Island snowslide photos.

Labrador Flag
Provided by Joe O'Dell, former Capstan Island resident now living in Torbay, Newfoundland.

Trans Labrador Highway - May 2001
Carl Bradley provided these scenes of the tremendous amount of snow along Trans Labrador Highway between Red Bay and Lodge Bay, taken 01-May-2001.

Trans Labrador Highway - March 2001
Thanks to Jamie Pye for submitting these snowy images of the Trans Labrador Highway between Red Bay and Lodge Bay, taken 31-Mar-2001.

Blizzards of 1995
One of the snowiest months in recent memory along the Labrador Straits was March 1995. One storm early in the month lasted for more than two days and brought over 100 centimetres of snow. Subsequent storms that month brought the monthly total to over 200 centimetres. Ewart Linstead shares these photos of that stormy month.








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